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In these times of increasing environmental responsibility LPG Autogas is the fuel of the future. By using this clean and green fuel you can expect your running costs to be an average 45% cheaper than using petrol and the savings will just keep on adding up. You can be assured that our professionally trained technicians put your safety first and follow the LPGA (LPG Association) Code of Practice when converting your vehicle.

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a fossil fuel, however is is far cheaper to purchase than either petrol or diesel. LPG makes much less pollution than other fuels, and consequently it has far less tax added to its pump price. Because the British government (and Europe as a whole) want to encourage the use of LPG for environmental reasons we pay only 13.84p fuel duty per litre on liquid petroleum gas, whereas the duty on petrol and diesel are over 60p per litre. (Please note these figures are subject to change)

Just about all LPG gas conversions done in Britain are of the 'Bi – fuel variety. Your vehicle still runs on petrol and more than likely will retain its original petrol tank. Because the petrol tank, and the ability to drive just on petrol, is retained this means that LPG conversions in effect give you an extra back up fuel system, giving you peace of mind on long journeys and substantially extending the vehicle's range.

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Stop press - Soaring weekly fuel price rises have led to a surge in LPG conversions. Cost-conscious motorists are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with fuel tax hikes and the unprecedented rising oil costs and are now looking for cost-effective alternatives to petrol and diesel.
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