What is LPG Autogas?
The Government has been concerned about vehicle pollution for some time now and encourages environmental responsibility. By converting to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) autogas you can make a significant contribution to reducing vehicle fuel emissions. LPG is a gas by-product of oil extracted from the seabed and we are currently only using 10% of the total LPG which is produced. The rest is burned off at source. This is a very wasteful use of energy and by increasing the number of vehicles using autogas this waste will be reduced.

One of the great properties of LPG is that it compresses easily - when put under 2 bar of pressure (about the pressure of an inflated car tyre) it compresses 250 times smaller and converts from a gas to a liquid. This makes it a portable, safe, and versatile gas.

In recognition of LPG being a cleaner, greener fuel, the government duty on LPG fuel has been reduced several times and it is now less than half the price of petrol. Because such a surplus of LPG is produced it will remain a very economical fuel for the foreseeable future.

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Did you know that by converting to lpg you could be saving over 50% on your regular fuel bills?
LPG is a cleaner fuel. When burned, it produces less carbon and nitrogen oxides and unburned hydrocarbons than petrol or diesel oil. This makes it better for the environment.
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Do YOUR bit for the environment by converting to LPG. The exhaust byproducts from the LPG combustion are water vapour and C02!