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Sun Dyno
Sun Dyno Vehicle Testing
To ensure that your vehicle is perfectly matched to its new LPG fuel system, Car-Gas has a 'rolling road' to enable the engine to be tuned to its maximum fuel efficiency.
Measure the power output at the wheels, or the 'brake horse power' produced from the engine.

Diagnose and rectify faults responsible for power loss and increased fuel consumption.

Check and adjust fuel mixture settings to optimise the exhaust emissions.
We can also...
Rolling road
For many years Sun has been associated as an industry leader in vehicle testing and in particular its expertise with dynamometers.

Recent industry research has found that almost 20% of all drivers are dissatisfied with the fuel consumption of their vehicles. This problem can be controlled. Emission tester combinations allow us to simulate various driving conditions and to draw exact conclusions from the respective emission behaviour concerning the high fuel consumption etc.

Not only used as a method of determining and enhancing engine performance, the dynamometer can provide a platform to carry out engine related fault diagnosis and fuel consumption analysis without the need for the vehicle to leave the workshop.
Exhaust emissions

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